your oc ponysona can suck a 9mm and birdshot and .38spl dick.

i used a $700, wide format, 8 color printer to make these targets

oh my god you idiots i was on drugs when i made that so get off my ass. im sure i had a reason for including trixie and time truner there but i DONT REMEMBER so fuck off

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    so much love for this picture
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    you only got cetnos tail though :’c but still ur gr8
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    How far were you shooting from? I’ve mostly shot rifles so I don’t know that much about handguns or shotguns ahahhha...
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    What hate and what ignorance? Stop talking out of your ass and explain it instead of using vague inflammatory speech.
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    Wow, an actual case of hate directed at one group driven by ignorance. Figures I’d find it here instead of on...
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    You used a $700 printer, and ink, to print out imaginary equines onto paper targets to bring them to a range and then...
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